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Teddy talks with… features Mario C. Bauer in conversation with the stars of the F&B industry. Join your host Mario and his guests as they explore what motivation, success, and, most importantly, love for food mean. Because in life only two things matter: Love & Food. Join Mario and his guests at the dining tableBrought to you by Curtice Brothers, Organic Ketchup:


Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur & Teddy Bear

Your Host Mario C. Bauer

For almost a decade he was responsible at Vapiano as an executive for international growth & partnerships. He and his team have opened and operated over 200 restaurants in 33 countries around the globe.

Mario C. Bauer is a Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur, Author & Keynote Speaker. For almost a decade he was responsible at Vapiano as an executive for international growth & partnerships. He and his team have opened and operated over 200 restaurants in 33 countries around the globe.


Nowadays Mario acts as Brand Ambassador for AmRest and Consultant for several international Hospitality Brands. He is co-founder of the boutique consultancy White Space Partners in Paris and London.


Mario enjoys being on stage as Keynote Speaker about International Growth & Opportunities or about his book “The Teddy Bear is everywhere”, where all profits are donated to a hospital for kids in Vienna.


While growing up in his family’s restaurant in Austria, Mario developed an entrepreneurial mindset from a young age by founding several start-ups such as Bagel Station (bagel & coffee shop concept) or Papernomad (sustainable ipad sleeves). His current adventure & passion is Curtice Brothers, an organic boutique ketchup cooked in Tuscany, where he can live up to this credo, that in life only two things matter “Love & Food”.


Mario has a true international mindset, and is constantly traveling around the world. His harbor is a houseboat in Amsterdam, where he and his fiancée enjoy feeding the ducks in the morning and hosting friends from around the world.

Here at Curtice Brothers, we understand that organic is, simply, better. In fact, our Curtice Brothers Organic Ketchup has even earned two-stars at London’s prestigious Great Taste Awards.


To give you a taste of la dolce vita, we cook our ketchup in sunny Tuscany using natural, regional ingredients. We pride ourselves in offering a product that is 77% pure tomato and contains sixty percent less sugar and salt than the current market leader.


We founded Curtice Brothers Ketchup with friends from the food and beverage industry because during our travels, we noticed a troubling lack of alternatives to stale, processed industrial ketchup. With the experience of having built up an international, Italian restaurant chain, we bring a refreshing take on ketchup. We strive to raise the standard of ketchup, an essential part to a range of different cuisines, with our enthusiasm for and innovative use of quality, artisanal ingredients.


„The Teddy Bear is everywhere – A Story beyond Borders”

by Mario C. Bauer & Christian Rogers. Order the Book online on Amazon.

  • The Teddy Bear Is Everywhere

★ “The Teddy Bear is everywhere” – is a story beyond borders by Mario C. Bauer & Christian Rogers. The first word in any story is “Once…” – this is the beginning of something new. This book is a journey into the unknown, which begins with a threshold and ends up with a room full of teddy bears. This is a book for kids, parents, friends, doers, entrepreneurs & constant learners. And definitely for everyone who wants to become a teddy bear. Are you about to start a new experience and feel slightly afraid of the next step? This book takes you on an inspirational journey and shows you what is beyond the borders and what happens if you cross them.


★ 5 Euros are being donated to the St. Anna Hospital in Vienna.


★ More Information about the authors: &

„I love telling stories. To catch people’s attention. To give them something to think about. To make them laugh. When I heard a speech by Andy Holzer, the blind Austrian climber who has hiked the highest mountains in the world I was inspired. His Teddy Bear Story which he only mentioned casually in a Q&A session stuck with me and I started telling the story, modifying it, creating a belief out of it and proudly becoming known by several of my friends as – The Teddy bear. We started calling our team – The Teddy Bears – and had one goal above all others—to be out there helping our colleagues to see the positive things which could happen in every situation.


I always felt that there can be something more within this story and I asked Chris to help me discover it. I admire Chris for his talent to always pick the right story for each situation. His ability to take his audience on a journey to another world, but even more on a journey within themselves finding out something which was covered until that moment. Something which was hidden. For this book Chris found the two matching themes of thresholds and borders and has set them into a bigger context to make the Teddy Bear Story even more meaningful. A Story beyond Borders…“ tells us the Co-Author Mario C. Bauer about his book.